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Dog joint supplements can treat dog arthritis

One of the main active ingredients of dog joint supplements: chondroitin

dog joint supplements are a relatively new idea but have been backed by studies. These new findings show that adding glucosamine to the diet can help relieve joint pain and stiffness in dogs. It’s not a cure-all, but it does help. So, what exactly is Chondroitin?

Chondroitin is produced naturally by the dogs bodies. It’s part of the fluid that is distributed throughout the cartilage of their joints. It helps build new cartilage as well as keep older cartilage from breaking down. As dogs age, the cartilage becomes thinner and it breaks down more easily. This process leaves dogs with less cushion for their joints.

One of the main active ingredients of dog joint supplements: glucosamine

Chondroitin makes the cartilage stronger. When dogs are deficient in Chondroitin, the result can be weak, thin, brittle joints and puppies that don’t grow up to be large, strong dogs. A deficiency of Chondroitin also increases the risk of infection, blood clots and other problems with joints. To address this, the supplements were developed. Chondroitin is still being studied and has not yet been approved by the FDA for human use.

Glucosamine is a sugar, mineral and amino acid that is commonly used to treat arthritis in humans. Dogs suffer with joint pain and stiffness that can be relieved by glucosamine and there is some evidence that it reduces the severity of dog joint pain. The supplement however does not work for all dogs suffering from joint pain. So it would be wise to check with your vet to see if it would be right for your dog.

Types and functions of glucosamine

There are two types of glucosamine available. One is glucosamine hydrochloride and the other is glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine sulfate is preferred by some because of its ability to dissolve and absorb into the dog’s joints more quickly. However, both glucosamine sulfate and hydrochloride can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs.

Chondroitin and glucosamine can be purchased online or at a pet store. It is important to read labels and make sure that the correct form of the supplement is being used. Not all veterinarians know how to properly provide these supplements to dogs. Before purchasing any supplement, check with your regular vet and find out his or her recommendations.

Dog joint supplements are particularly good for sporty dogs

 What to do if there is a problem with the dog’s joint

If your dog is starting to have joint problems, it’s best to take him to the vet before trying any type of supplement. It’s always best to catch any potential problems early on rather than let them worsen and possibly become irreversible. Chances are that any supplement will help your dog with a current joint problem, but it is also important to know how to give it to your dog safely and effectively. Talk to your vet about how you can provide him with the proper amounts and how you should mix it with his food.

Joint problems in dogs are common, especially dogs that are over thirty years old. If you think your dog has a problem talk to your vet before attempting to treat it yourself. You never know if you are adding too much or if you are mixing the right kinds of ingredients together. With a little bit of research you should be able to find a great supplement for your dog that will help maintain his quality of life and his joints.

 Choice of dog joint supplements

If you are considering giving your pet a dog joint supplements of some sort, there are many supplements available. Choose the one that will help address the issues in your pet’s health. Don’t rush into a decision. Make sure you do your research and know what you are giving your dog. There are many different kinds of products available, so do some comparisons. Don’t choose a dog joint supplement if you don’t understand how it will be effective or if you are unsure about the ingredients.

Once you find a supplement that seems appropriate, you should give it to your dog. Depending on his diet, he may need to take it daily. Be sure your pet is ready and comfortable with the supplement he is getting. A good dose is a half teaspoon per pound of body weight once a day. This amount is enough to give your dog the extra boost he needs to help with his joints.

 Benefits of taking dog joint supplements early

Joint supplements are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. They can give him the added boost he needs to have a more normal life and avoid arthritis. However, just like anything else, supplements should be treated just as you would treat any other medication. Talk to your vet and follow the directions for how to use it properly. Your vet can also answer any questions you have about how to use it and which brands or varieties are right for your dog. Always keep in mind the dosage, frequency, and other instructions you should follow for best results.